Friday, December 9, 2011

COWBelles Community Craft on show at the Glebe Library!

It's been a long week.....have been sick with food poisoning - so have not been able to let everyone know about the COWBelles Community Craft  Exhibition and Sale currently on at the Glebe Library  cnr Glebe Point Rd and Wigram Rd.  The exhibition was a generous offer to COWBelles by Library Manager Margaret Whittaker as an opportunity to showcase the great craftwork made by some of Glebe's wonderfully talented older ladies. On show are handmade jewellery, scarves, handbags, light catchers, greeting cards and bookmarks (well, it IS a library!)  The exhibition has run since the 5th and will culminate in a Sale day tomorrow 10th with the opportunity to also make your own earrings on the spot. If you catch the chance tomorrow to race in for a look our ladies look forward to showing you their treasures.
Artist and COWBelles Community Craft facilitator Irene, with 'Serious Crafter' and papercrafts workshop tutor David, sitting with the COWBelles Community Craft exhibition showcase at Glebe Library. 
The ladies work looks great!!