Thursday, April 16, 2009

Willy Wagtails in Glebe

These delightful Willy Wagtails favoured a hanging pot on my front verandah and after some slight deliberation, chose to make their nest in the middle of Phillip Street, Glebe.

The entire street, plus several council workers and a myriad of passersby spent several weeks cruising up and down the street with the single intention of looking at the progress of the babies.

Mr. and Mrs. Wag spent nearly a week painstakingly carrying twigs and cobwebs to weave an intricate nest, securing the finished product with their own saliva.

They would both take turns in sitting on the nest to ensure that the eggs were kept at the correct temperature. Sometimes Mr. Wag would be late in turning up for his shift and they would sit on the fence and have a major domestic until the point was well and truly made!

Both birds were extremely attentive once the eggs were hatched ... three eggs were laid but only two were successful. The unfortunate egg that didn't make the grade was unceremoniously kicked out the nest in no uncertain fashion.

After only 6 days the babies were ready to leave the nest, test the airwaves and discover the joys and dangers of the big, wide world.

Friday, April 10, 2009