Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our new Spanish friends......yay!!

What a FUN day at COWBelles last Friday!! I thought the Old Fire Station would burst at the seams with so many people in it!

I phoned Community Worker  Edith the day before and she told me the Spanish ladies were a little unsure of meeting our COWBelles, so 4 ladies of the group of 12 would be joining us for our craft morning to 'check us out'. I wondered if  they might not like us but whatever the uncertainties were on either side, of course there was no need to worry at all.

4  ladies arrived on the community bus with our regular COWBelles so I'm sure they had already discovered how open and friendly our Glebe-ites can easily be. Then we were delighted when another 4 ladies joined us as well.

The COWBelles and our Spanish guests were a little reserved at first, but within half an hour conversations sprung up and the lure of all those colourful baubles worked their magic. The tables spanning the length of the room were laden with colourful trinkets and the babble of noise was punctuated with gleeful bursts of laughter.

Photos of our day can be seen through Events in Photographs at left.

At the end of our morning social craft session there were hugs and genuine smiles as our guests were leaving and we knew we had made some new friends. They promised to come join us again in a fortnight when we next gather at the Old Firestation in Glebe and we greatly look forward to seeing them.