Friday, September 24, 2010

COW at Homebush today!

It may be nearly a month since I last wrote about our jewellery making but the Belles have been busy nonetheless!

Last session our COW Belles ladies were in full swing with new beads, new techniques and new creations after our visit to the beadshop at Leichhardt. Not to sit on their laurels for long, the Belles were out in force at Homebush today checking out the Bead & Gem Expo for more new beads, more new techniques and the inspiration for more new creations yet to come.

Alas, no photos were taken as I had my face in every stall, beady-eyed on beads, and forgot!

Yet, not all is lost, the return journey saw us stop at the Dairy Bell ice-cream factory in Australia St at Camperdown and a photo was to be had of several hot, tired but smiling COW, and one ever-serene Geoff, thoroughly enjoying the factory wares.

Its back to our fervent beading next session and the launch of a new phase in our jewellery making as we welcome the Waterloo Spanish women's group into our creative community.

Looking foreward to it.

The Spanish are coming!

COW Belles is expanding it's welcome.

A decision was made sometime ago to open up COWBelles to other women outside the local area and the invitation has been accepted by a lively group of older women of Spanish background, regularly meeting at Waterloo and also looking to expand their horizons.

Yesterday Bec, Loretta and myself met the Spanish ladies and their Community Worker and translator Edith. The ladies were excited by the chance to join other women for craft and conversation. 'Conversation' will be a patient yet pleasant challenge as the ladies' primary language is Spanish and COW has no Spanish speaking members - yet!

The Spanish ladies were intrigued by the notion of COW as a social action group. This idea seemed new to them and the concept of 'group action' at the local, state or even national level appears to be something that COW may one day be able to offer alongside the cake and craft social setting.  Our Spanish guests are of course under no obligation other than to enjoy our hospitality.

There is a feeling of anticipation and welcome in the COW Belles today as we wait to meet our new guests on Friday 8th October and discover that coffee, cake and craft can surmount any cultural barriers we think we may have.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Belles Beadshopping!

What fun!!!!

10 of our intrepid ladies boarded the bus last Friday morning and headed off  for serious investigation into the huge beadshop on Parramatta Rd at Leichhardt . With much relief for our fabulous driver Geoff a parking spot was patiently waiting for us right outside the front door! Ladies spilled off the bus and straight into gasps of delight when the door slid open and an 'Alladin's Cave' of colour and sparkle greeted them.

Glebe's COW Belles prowled the shop mixing and matching colourful baubles and picking up crimps and pliers to make the wonderful creations planned for their family and friends. They trundled with baskets or careened with small trolleys and sheepish guilty smiles gave testament to 'buying a bit more than I planned to'.

90 minutes and a couple of hundred dollars later, tired ladies engaged in excited conversation climbed the bus steps for the journey back to a well deserved coffee at the Old Firestation, poorer maybe but definitely happy!

Can't wait to see the new jewellery to be made from today's outing and it was unanimously agreed that another bustrip to the beadshop was in order before Christmas gifts were due.

Photos of our visit to the beadshop can be seen at right in the Events column by clicking on the link to our webalbum.