Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas is coming!!

You know it's that time of year again, don't you?

COWBelles certainly do and this year's presents have been taken care of with a multitude of bright and spangly gifts for all the family and friends who have supported us, individually and collectively, throughout the year.

Our COWBelles have a generous nature and bestowed group-made necklaces as their gifts of farewell for our 2 lovely Sydney Uni Social Work students, Loretta and Alyssa. Not much of a bead-o-phile herself COW group member Marla had the Farewell cards amassed with signatures and well wishes, ready to go as the Uni girls chose their favourite baubles from the display.

Loretta and Alyssa were 'on loan' to us through their placement with the Glebe Community Development Project but alas the end of the year means a change of placement and we miss all the wonderful students we meet who then need to move on for the next stage of their courses.

We still have 2 more COWBelles get-togethers before we finish up for the year. Friday 3rd is a making day and Friday 17th is earmarked for a final buying frenzy at the beadshop at Leihhardt for all those individual presents to be made in the last week before Christmas Day. It will be a hectic, but fun outing as is usual with our spirited COWBelles ladies.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

COWBelles + PLACEspace registration for COW

Do you know, it might take me a whole month to write about the latest updates but it's a good thing the COWBelles don't wait so long for their progress!!   

Last Friday 5th Nov. saw the frantic and colourful bedlam that is the COWBelles creative morning tea sessions, break out again at the Old Firestation as 10 Glebe COW and 5 Waterloo Spainards descended into a flurry of prolific bead-making.

Necklaces, earrings, bookmarks and spectacle holders were created at lightning pace and much cooing of admiration followed as the ladies modeled their latest design.  And of course, continued justice was done to Hopestreet's coffee and cake!

A warm camaraderie has developed between our Glebe ladies and our new Spanish friends as the sharing of craft activity and the inclusive Glebe community atmosphere have transcended the language barrier and  initial uncertainty of new acquaintances.  The group is a pleasure to be part of and some wonderful photos may be seen by clicking on the Events in Photographs links at left.

News for COW  is the addition of the COW social action group and COW blogsite to the new community recognition and resources site called The website is a collaborative service provided by TAFE Ultimo and the Federal Government with a vision to connect people, organisations and learning opportunities into one resource location.  Our group may be found by going to  registering your name, email contact and a password and scanning the Groups list.

If that seems like a lot of detective work then click on the link below for a very quick shortcut!

It's COWBelles Friday again this week and some discussion is due for our continued meetings next year.....yes, alas,.... our funding has come to the end and decisions must now be made to self fund or finish up. Know which I would prefer and I suspect all our COWBelles will be of similar mind, so thinking caps on and many ideas to consider as we enter this next phase of  COWBelles craft.