Friday, February 18, 2011

COW Belles back at work

Yay!! The COW Belles were back for 2011 today and ready to pick up some new challenges for this year.

Lynne and Ashley from City of Sydney council came to visit us this morning and speak to us about the possibilities of applying for a new Matching grant to expand and develop our COW Belles craft sessions further.

Our first newsletter titled  'COW Belles Community Craft Collective' outlines some of the choices and directions that our COW Belles may want to see the group move towards. We have options to fundraise at Senior's Week,  Mother's Day,  September Spring Sale,  The Michell St Fete,  The Glebe Street Fair and  Christmas. This gives us 6 opportunities to fundraise for further supplies....and coffees of course!

We can also expand our options into other crafts such as cardmaking and scrapbooking. Also possible are crochet and knitting (of which someone far more capable than me must teach!!) and the opportunity to further develop our jeweller's skills into more advanced techniques.

A great opportunity to really promote the group and our products exists with a new grant funding thing like pricelists, business cards, posters and leaflets for distribution around the Glebe community. This would let community members know COW Belles exists in the area and that we are serious!

And, best of all, a City of Sydney grant would see our community bus on the road and paid up for a whole year!!! That is really exciting as it would mean that none of our Belles would miss out!

Included in this post is a copy of our preliminary Pricelist. This is a start for us and open to adjustment in the future as we decide what products we want to focus on and the exact prices we want to have.

To finish I'd like to say how pleased I am with the continued dedication our COW Belles have for their group. A group cannot exist without it's loyal members and our COW Belles are committed to the continuation, expansion and thorough enjoyment of the COW Belles community craft sessions that we have all come to look forward to each fortnight.

Welcome back for 2011 COW Belles!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 !!

What an amazing 2 months for our intrepid COW Belles - a franitic pre-Christmas beading frenzy saw some beautiful gifts made for loved ones and some of our Belles 'addicted' to their beading boxes have continued over the holiday period at an unabated pace!  COW Belles is due to restart on Friday 18/2/11 with a few changes from last year.

Our 2010 grant has expired and a new 2011 grant with City of Sydney is being drawn up but in the meantime the community spirit of our Belles will see them providing their own supplies and contributing to the upkeep of the community bus service which many of our members rely on for their attendance, while we wait for the grant results.

Another aspect of COW Belles 'growing up' is that the administration of the COW Belles venture is to be handed over from the Glebe Community Development Project into the hands of COW Belles members themselves. This is exciting and a bit scary too!

Some ideas for 2011 are extending our invitation for women from other Centre's in the Sydney LGA to join us. Also fundraising sales for Seniors Week, Mother's Day, a September Spring Sale, the Mitchell St Fete and the Glebe Street Fair.  The COW Belles WILL be very busy this year! A monthly market stall at Balmain's Handmade Markets and possibly an e-commerce website are also being considered.

A big push foreward for this year for our creative Belles so keep an eye on us as we expand and bring our craft creations closer to wider community recognition.