Friday, October 21, 2011

Ready for the Mitchel St Fete Sat.29/10?

Wow!! it's been ages since I last wrote but it most certainly hasn't been still at all in the last months at the Old Firestation!

Our COWBelles have had the most productive winter........a mass of wonderful scarves, a huge heap of baubles and bling and some of the most amazing knitted bags you have ever seen.

It will be a fabulous presentation on the stall next weekend when all our treasures will be out on display and ready for sale. Prices will be reasonable with a discount of 25% available for people on Centrelink.....we want to raise funds but we also want everyone to be able to buy something that they really like as well!!

So bring along yourself and your's a Fete so there is heaps of fun planned for the kids!!....and check out our stall  for something nice to spoil  yourself with. See you there.