Monday, July 19, 2010

COW Belles progress 2

Hi,  again!
Another great COW Belles last Friday as our community COWs learnt a new skill. We focussed on making earrings this week using metal pins known as 'eye pins' and another type called 'head pins'. Eye pins have a loop at one end and head pins a flat end similar to sewing pins. Both make earring dangles so easy that some of our ladies where shown how to use them once and then were off in a flurry of new creations!!

Colour combinations were imaginative and the all metal earrings were very stylish. Small. black display cards showed off the earrings in a sophisticated  manner and all the ladies agreed that their work was becoming more professional with each session! Several opportunities exist for fundraising sales this year and the ladies are looking foreward to marketing their work and highlighting their new found skills to the community.

Another surprising, and delightful, conversation began with several ideas for making COW Belles a very long term project and finding extra finances when the City of Sydney grant expires. This is an example of the long term planning and drive Glebe's Concerned Older Women are known for when they have a unified vision for the group. Ideas danced around the group until Bec had to reign in the enthusiasm for the arrival of the representative  from the Older Persons Legal Network.

Funding exists for COW Belles into early 2011 and it will be good to hear all the COW Belles ideas for funding the activity beyond our grant dates. If the jewellery making to date is an indication of  COW's determination, ability and imagination then the future of COW Belles is well assured as a long and happy program in this wonderful community of Glebe women.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

COW Evolution!

Our news reporting may be out of date but our achievements are not!!  

Recently at a COW meeting Bekkie sat in sage 'Mona Lisa' repose while the ever sweet Sarah asked 'So what are some of the achievements of COW? What sorts of things has COW been passionate about in the area?'  A moment's silence as eyes searched others for answers.

'Um, there's the bus seats.' said one member, '...and the lighting,' came from another. 'There's the changing of the 370 bus route?', came passionately from the armchair,  '...and don't forget the shopping trolleys!' came insistently from another corner.  From there several over-riding discussions began at once as so often happens within this friendly melee!... and I, who am a COW ring in, realised that much has happened before I came to the group and much yet may happen that needs to be remembered as our membership changes in the future.

So, amoungst entries dealing with current issues will be found, from time to time, entries from past events while a completed picture of COW is built for future reading. Past achievements have not always been documented and the determination, passion and joie-de-vivre (ok, did I spell that right?)  that our concerned older women have should not be forgotten as events pass.

One achievement  refound is the article in the Glebe Community Newsletter announcing the success of the COW booklet for last year's Sesquicentenary celebrations. The COW booklet celebrated the lives of women in Glebe both well known and quiet achievers, who have stood out in the memories of their peers. Whether alive or passed, dedication to community is their most outstanding legacy.

The link below is active and will take you to a internet copy of the highly successful publication:

Also, the announcement of COW-Belles and the very popular Hearing Tests event show COW's own dedication to community!

 From Glebe Community Newsletter  March 2010:

“Concerned Older Women have been very busy over the last year with a number of events and projects.
One of the highlights of last year was the launch of a booklet that they had put together for the sesquicentenary, Stories of Glebe Women, Past and Present. This event was held last December and was the culmination of months of work from COW members collecting and writing stories and articles about local Glebe women. The event was a lovely celebration of the featured women and the work of the COW group in putting the booklet together.
Last November, COW also hosted a talk from Australian Hearing, a federal government agency specialising in hearing loss. Australian Hearing provided a trained representative to speak to people at the Old Fire Station about hearing loss and the options available for assistance. As part of this event, Australian Hearing also conducted free hearing tests for community members. The talk was very informative and the free hearing tests were well utilised.

Australian Hearing is based on York Street in Sydney, and can provide similar ‘talk and test’ events for other community groups. To speak with someone about hearing loss or to arrange a community talk, call 9269 3500.
This year, COW will be hosting students from Glebe Public School for lunch during Seniors Week, and also hope to begin a new project called COW Belles soon.”

I think as the group recalls all its achievements, COW will begin to appreciate its very own old-'girl power'!       Yay!!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

COW Belles progress

Was a fantastic COW Belles on Friday 1 July 2010 for me, the ladies produced 2-3 items each and have obviously mastered the jewelley techniques I've shown them to date. I was excited to get there at 10.05am and find the ladies were well underway without me!!  I honestly love to see COW confidence growing so fast and to think this is only our 3rd session!!!

With the speed of learning in the group I have decided to teach some new things for our next get-together,  some work with wire and metal, I think. Will be good to add to the existing skills of our group so that those who like to learn a few more adventurous beading techniques have a chance to try them.

I am also really happy to see the co-operation and assistance of members helping each other in the group whenever someone gets stuck with a piece they're working on. Rather than calling me, ladies are willing and able to help someone next to them which to me is always the best aspect of good community!

Hope everyone is enjoying COW Belles and the company of our wonderful ladies, I am!