Wednesday, August 25, 2010

COW Belles outing

OMG!!! only 2 sleeps to go!! The fabulous COWBelles of Glebe are out for the day and loose in Leichhardt.  A morning trip to the huge Beads shop on Parramatta Rd is planned for this Friday and our COWBelles are excited.

Several of our budding designers are raring to go and pick out the kinds of colours and styles they really want for their creations. Often in our morning tea jewellery sessions a question arises for a style or coloured bead or bauble we don't have and a faint sign of dissappointment crosses a face when the answer is 'no, I'm sorry, we don't have that'.

Come Friday that will be a thing of the past as 12 or 13 of  COWBelles fun, feisty and friendly competitors huddle onto the community bus to Leichhardt and spill into the colourful ailes in a frenzy of possibilities and delight.
Though one must give thought to the wonderfully 'sage' Geoff, our community bus driver, who will load the bus with Glebe's 'giggling gerties' and embark heroically on the task of safe transport - actually a pleasure with someone so gracious and caring!

The last 2 sessions of COWBelles has seen some genuinely wonderful earrings, bangles and necklaces, as the slideshow at left gives testament, and the volume of work created in a session can be quite extraordinary!
The group has already seen it's first sales and an opportunity to show off it's talents at the recent fundraiser lunch hosted by Hopestreet.
The jewellery sparkled next to the sassy pink door-snakes and a chance to appreciate the commitment and imagination of the group was a welcome opportunity.

This week COWBelles will be shopping but watch out! for next fortnight's session when all the new jewels will surface as our wonderful ladies vent their creative energies!!